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Sailing Directions Australia and New Zealand

Sailing Directions Australia and New Zealand
SAILING DIRECTIONS EAST COAST OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND Prepared and published by the Defense Mapping Agency Australia—Cape Northumberland to Port Phillip, including the Western Entrance of Bass Strait Australia—Port Phillip to Cape Howe, including the Eastern Entrance of Bass Strait Australia—Coasts of Tasmania Australia—Coast of New South Wales—Cape Howe to Port Jackson Australia—North Point (Sydney Harbor) to Cape Townshend Australia—Coral Sea—Islands and Dangers Australia—Cape Townshend to Cape Grafton Australia—Cape Grafton to Cape York Australia—Torres Strait and Great North East Channel New Zealand—North and East Coasts of North Island New Zealand—West Coast of North Island, including Cook Strait New Zealand—West and East Coasts of South Island New Zealand—Off-lying Islands, covering the harbors, coasts, and waters of the world, provide information that cannot be shown graphically on nautical charts and is not readily available elsewhere. Sailing Directions include detailed coastal and port approach information which supplements the largest scale chart. CD Rom included
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